The ZINE Collab is on the Way!

Dear CG251 Students, Hello!

How is everyone doing? I hope this post finds you all well, safe and healthy! Just wanted to give you an update on our ZINE collab project. I had to dig myself out of a few weeks of admin. related paper work (and some more of that) wrapping up the semester at 5 different colleges but summer is here! Im catching up, and working on a nice launch of our portrait project that will include a link to download the ZINE, along with all the awesome portraits! Some will be some animated, much like this sneak peak piece above. This is an online exhibition for sure.

If you have continued making new works that contribute to this project, let me know! I see that many of you added animated version of your portraits, such great work!

Back atcha soon!


The Semester Ends – One Final Statement – Please Read :)

Hi All!
Just a reminder for anyone who wants to have one final round of class connection – This is not by any means mandatory

Tomorrow is Friday May 22, 2020 @10:00 AM – I will be in Zoom if anyone has anything new or anything they wish to share in our zoom room. Here is the NEW zoom link (with captions)

Meeting ID: 213 923 5824
Password: wolsesnayr

Other than this above, please double check and make sure that you have everything in place in your personal folder, and in the specific collaboration folders on our google drive –

I want to work on the collaboration ZINE over the weekend. (If you need more time to work on stuff, just e-mail and let me know where you are at.)

I will write a reflection blog post about our class and the experience as a whole, and also launch our collab ZINE exhibition here on our website – I will publish that info here on this website and remind you via blackboard e-mail when it launhces,

Be Well,

I’ll be in touch Soon!


Semester Wrap Up Information – Important News :)

Dear CGII Class,

Well, here we are wrapping up our semester. It has been a difficult one… but I believe that we have made the most of it, and completed a ton of great work! Im super proud of everyone! Please read this whole post as it holds a lot of important info for the remainder of the semester.

*This Friday May 15th we will have our final class critique and student presentations in ZOOM (same info as always).

We will begin at 10am and end at 12pm.

Join the Friday May 15th 10Am Zoom Meeting via URL here

Join the Zoom Meeting via Meeting ID: 449 258 871

As we discussed, each student will have the chance to share with us all of their completed work from this semester. This is a non-formal presentation so please get creative and plan to have fun with it. Feel free to group your work into a slide show, or make a PDF, or make a another form of sharing the works, its all up to you. Yes, you can make a cover page or graphic for your presentation, Yes you can convert your own work into your OWN ZINE if you wish, sky is the limit there!

You can always just add the presentation work to our class Google drive folder and navigate from there too – (here is the link) Make a folder for yourself there, in case you haven’t yet –

Just in case anyone wants to resubmit critiques work, revise work, or connect with me agin in zoom, I will be available by request for the following Friday May 22nd from 10am – 12pm – e-mail me to confirm please

All completed work is due no later than Friday May 22nd at 5pm. I believe that this will give us a good amount of time to keep pushing things and make up, and catch up on anything pending. If you need an extension on anything, you have it, please get in touch with me so we can discuss the options.

I am always here, and happy to help.

Please reach out and let me know if you have any questions –

Zine & After Effects Video Tutorial from Class on 5/1/20

Dear Class – Thank you for your patience as I produced this video from our class this morning on 5/1.

Here is an Adobe Illustrator ZINE Layout & Simple After Effects Demo. In my basic computer graphics and digital art courses we have been generating variations of our vector portraits and converting them into graphic assets to apply in various other applications. Here is basic after effects demo of importing video and adding an asset (one of the portrait assets from our project) to create a little motion graphic.

Aside from completing the Self-Portrait poster project (1 horizontal version and 1 vertical version) we have spent time experimenting with the manipulating of the vector portrait through various platforms shared in class both web based and mobile – see this link to recap the applications.

We started a Class collaboration project that asks for us all to submit 2-3 variations of the Vector Portrait. 1 being the original portrait and the others as various manipulations. It is important to scale those variations at the size of 8.5 X 11 inches (300 resolution is good too) so that they will fit easily into our ZINE layout. The folder for these pieces is located here – simply add yours ->

See you in Zoom on Friday!

ZOOM zoom info for Friday 5/1!

 Join the Zoom Meeting via URL here:

Join the Zoom Meeting via Meeting ID: 449 258 871

On Friday 5/1 – WOW its MAY!

We will learn a bit of Animation / a few tricks and helpful techniques to apply to the Portrait / Poster project and how it will transcend into a collaboration ZINE for both print and an Internet exhibition – we will walk through various applications as shared in the 4/24 class recap and also lay out the ZINE front and back cover!

Zoom Zoom on 4/24 – link info

 Join the Zoom Meeting via URL here:

Join the Zoom Meeting via Meeting ID: 449 258 871

On Friday 4/24 we will continue chatting about the Portrait / Poster project and how it will transcend into a collaboration ZINE for both print and an Internet exhibition – we will walk through various applications as shared in the 4/10 class recap.