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Welcome to the ARTC-251 Class website.

The ARTC-251 Computer Graphics II course is taught by professor Ryan Seslow at NYIT (NYC campus).

Spring 2022 Semester

Course Description (from the catalog)

Computer Graphics II is the second semester of our sequence in Computer Graphics on the Macintosh platform. This course will use fundamental industry applications to prepare students’ work for artistic and commercial computer graphic design packages. Lecture topics include: preparation, input, manipulation, display and output of digital images.

Course information

Course Number and Section: ARTC-251 M01 – Computer Graphics II

Credits: 3

Meeting Time & Location: Fridays, 8 am–12 pm – This class meets In person – 16W 61st – Room #927

Zoom Link: the zoom link / info is located on our course’s canvas page

Our class website located herehttps://artc-251.com

Prerequisites and Co-requisites: ARTC-201


Professor Ryan Seslow

E-Mail – rseslow@nyit.edu – or ryan@ryanseslow.com

@ryanseslow – twitter