Weeks #12, 13 & 14

Weeks #12, 13 & 14

Welcome back!

We are moving into the final phases of our course! :(((

Lets jump into taking an updated peek at our class collaboration zine in progress – Did you remember to add your 8.5″ X 11″ portrait to the shared folder? Some people have not done this yet, please do so as soon as possible. Also, please make sure that you are submitting the correct file format and to remove any of the poster verbiage from the museum poster aspect of the assignments 1st part.. You can add your 8.5X11 portrait work to the shared folder here: (plus see the examples)


Lets talk about our last  and final assignment, Assignment #4 will be the last assignment for the semester, however, we will be submitting a final portfolio of our completed work on the day of our final exam meeting time. (I will share a demonstration on how to do this next week in our zoom class).

Assignment #4 – Final Project

Students will complete this assignment using the color palette of their choice.

Specifications: Assignment #4 is our final project. Students will create a brief proposal to share in class next week that will assert their final project. Your final project proposal is a statement of what you intend to do and how it will help expand your design practice and skills. This is a an open choice project.

Examples: (but not limited to)

*Create your own digital or print ready ZINE – (should be at least 8 pages)

*Vector Art Digital Illustration – (this could focus on character creation, landscape studies, portraits or product mock ups.)

*Digital Illustration exploring a specific theme or narrative to help tell a story

*Image manipulation, degeneration & recreation – experimental series of 3-4 image manipulations that translate as digital art.


Software: students can work with familiar design software that can produce the final design / digital art works.

Size: The size of the completed digital artworks are open. Students can decide but I suggest considering that you work consistently in scale and relationship to your regular workflow.

Submission or work in Process – Students will present their work in “sketch / concept progress” in our next class.

**Assignment Submissions Reminder – When you complete each assignment, please e-mail me to let me know – always add both your production files (.psd or .Ai) as well as a .JPG version of the assignment into your folder in our shared Google Drive (the link is located on our Canvas page in the NYIT portal)



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