Week #3 & 4 – Info & Resources

Weeks #3 & 4 – Info & Resources

Welcome back!

Forward motion on assignment #1 – most students have completed part 1 of the first assignment, we will take a look at the progress and begin work on part 2 of assignment #1. A big part of completing Part 1 is to make sure that you are creating variations by manipulating copies of your work. I will share a demonstration in our class. Im a big fan of creating iterations!

The assignment asks us to remix and hack something that is already in existence. Did you find some vintage images that you want to work with? Are they vintage postcards or other various pieces of media? How many assets have you created? Be sure to upload all of your assets, files, research and outcomes to your folder on google drive! (if you did not yet create a folder in our shared google drive please do so now!)

Assignment #1 – part 2 class – recap – tutorial by Prof. Ses on cutting out images, working with assets, the pen tool, the section tool, and the new object selection tool. Preparing assets for animation. –

(Check Canvas for the video link)

This is also a great tutorial for photoshop tips and tricks via the 2020 version of PS:

(Im reposting these tutorials just in case you did not get around to them – Here are two photoshop pen tool tutorials to help you practice this week)

For Part 2 of Assignment #1 –  I found a series of images that I wanted to work with, mostly from the creative commons search engine over on flickr -some are old post cards and others are simply “otherness” like old travel posters, click the images below to expand them.

After “hacking” and “extracting” image fragments from these existing images I will create a series of assets – it is then time to remix and recompose them. The best part about having assets is how easily they can be reused and reapplied. Ill share a few examples (much like the image at the top of this page) Lets talk about formatting our work as well. The layout of our post card and picture plane structure in photoshop can easily display both sides of your post card in one art board. I suggested laying out both the front and the back side of the postcard in one composition using layers to work with the card in unison together. We will also talk about variations and iterations by tweaking subtle things like background colors and playing with the composition and scale. Here is a visual from the layout demonstration. Using rules and guides makes it very easy to control your layout.

Design Inspiration: (Discover Awesomeness)

Laci Jordan – http://www.solacilike.com/work/


MORE INSPIRATION: please watch this amazing documentary and leave your response in the comments section below.

**The Underground Sistine Chapel is a free documentary on youtube telling the story of the street artist Pascal Boyart’s construction of a modern Sistine Chapel in the heart of an old gold foundry in the suburbs of Paris, in what some would call a cut-throat area.


More Tutorials / How -To Resources:

Adobe.com also has a ton of great tutorials and many of their evangelists have youtube channels for their live streams.

Check out one of my favorite’s, Terry White here.

I also really like Paul Trani’s channel here

DANSKY is another great teacher of Adobe application techniques

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