Weeks #1-4 – ARTC-251 – Computer Graphics II

Welcome to ARTC-251! –> Computer Graphics II

Spring Semester 2024

Weeks #1 – 4

Class Introductions continue 


***This post will be reflecting weeks 1 – 4 – please check back each Monday for updates! Scroll down to discover and absorb the newest content additions, as well as recap the previous weeks.

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Let’s jump in!

Who and what is inspiring you at the moment?

Each week, I will ask everyone to share something in class that is inspiring you. This could be a single piece of design, illustration, art work, animation, film, book, recipe… or anything that has caught your attention and is contributing to your creative / learning / process. This will most likely come in the from of a website link / URL, video / this makes it easy to share in class and here on our website.

What is inspiring me this week? 

1.  kidmographhttps://www.kidmograph.com/ 


2. The Visual Domehttps://www.instagram.com/thevisualdome/


3. More Portrait InspirationGoogle Search Results <–

Assignment #1 – Discussion & Class Exercises!

Let’s GO!

Assignments Page < —

Fictional Form Character –

Vector Portrait -> Poster -> Animation & Collaboration

We will bring together the applications of a vector portrait, composition, image, typography, animation & collaborative ZINE layout. This is a multipart / fragmented project.


Museum Exhibition Poster using a Fictional Self-Portrait

Process: Research. Find and discover a series of inspirational images and references to work from. Your research should inspire you! Create a new project folder in your google drive folder titled “Assignment #1” – save these images to your project folder.

**What is a “Self-Portrait” How would you define it? Is a self-portrait simply a “head-shot” front on view? Or can it be more subjective using fragments of the face and or various metaphors?

https://www.artlex.com/self-portrait/ <– lets chat about this resource

Your self-portrait must first be digitally drawn or rendered as “vector” art. You may work with vector applications like adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fresco – both can produce vector based imagery. (If you choose to work with procreate or photoshop you will need to convert the raster imagery into vector imagery later).

Create a series of 3-6 iterations of your 1st self-portrait by manipulating the imagery with various filters, textures and experimental methods shared in class. The purpose of iterating is to further advance and re-purpose the design / artwork and create various textures and filters by cross-synthesizing techniques. This is permission to be experimental and to display how many variations can be generated. (The new iterations may also be applied as animation content in Part 3)

After you illustrate your self-portrait and 3-6 compelling iterations, you’ll move on to creating the poster for the ex­hibit.

*Your self-portrait IS the main artwork for the poster campaign that you will create for the exhibit. You must design the poster in 2 sizes – one landscape version and one portrait orientation version. I suggest 11” x 17” or 11” X 14”

Google search for“self portrait examples in various digital art mediums”

Part 2 – Poster Design Specifications: 

Select a museum of your choice that will be having the exhibit. Find out more about the museum / institution by viewing their website for research materials and resources. This includes getting access to the museums logo so that it can be placed into the poster.

*Minimum required copy/text verbiage for the poster is:

An Exhibition Title: “New Voices Exhibition” (or another title of your choice)

An Exhibit Date: April 15th – May 30th 2023

An Opening Time and Date: Opening Reception, April 20th 2023 7PM – 9PM

A contextual link: https:// the url of your museum.org

A Museum logo : *(the logo of the museum of your choice)

Fonts and colors – are entirely student choice. Students may add additional text / verbiage / copy, but may not delete from the minimum above.

Part 3 – Animating the Self Portrait or Poster

Students will learn basic frame animation skills with adobe photoshop and adobe after effects. You may choose to animate the self-portrait by itself or animate the museum poster (or both). Creating graphic assets and preparing them for After Effects will be demonstrated and encouraged. Output to file methods will be: .GIF, .MOV & .MP4

**PART 4 – Collaboration Submission

The aspect ratio of the isolated portraits must be sized at 8.5″ X 11″ – students will selected

Web Examples to Explore: (will source inspiration from our class discussion)

Resources – GIF the Portrait (Tumblr project)


Research / Inspiration / Tutorial – Check out these links below:

Art Movement Resources:





If you have any questions please reach out via e-mail – rseslow@nyit.com


10 Replies to “Weeks #1-4 – ARTC-251 – Computer Graphics II”

  1. https://tinybeans.com/museum-of-ice-cream-new-york-city/

    *So Basically This Is A Museum Iteration Of Ice Cream That Shows The Histories And Origins Of The Dessert Icon, But What I Love About This Museum Is That It Makes Yourself Imagine What Exactly Is The Motive For Knowing Ice Cream Through The Particular Lens.

    *It Even Digs The Values Of Different Sections Of Ice Cream Areas, And Deeply Acknowledges The Future Of Its Popularity Via A Person’s Sweet Idea And Logic.

  2. *So This Is A Drawing Of A Dog And A Few Trees Near The Grass That I Did This Sunday. The Idea That Inspired Myself To Do This Drawing Was That I Can Picture Myself Spending Time Like This With My Family And Noticing Our Dog Next To Us Playing Fetch On A Hot Summer Day. It Even Made Me Feel Happy When Our Dog Finds A Way To Stay Cool Outside Despite The Challenges Of Being Inside Most Of The Time.

  3. https://www.kimberton.org/self-portrait/

    This is a Self-Portrait of a basic student from kimberton.org that basically talks about how high school students can combat their own struggles in the classroom, as well as understanding the rituals of life while graduating high school. It also mentions how they can even put their minds together while having that particular confidence.

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