Week #4 – Recap & Info

In our last class session before the EPIC Giphy HQ visit we discussed our final postcards / project #1 submissions! (did you submit yours by e-mail?) We talked about the revision process, effective communication and who is on the receiving end of your design work. The class executed great work on this project as whole!

In context to our trip to Giphy, we discussed the process of making something “static” move. We introduced the animation process of making .gifs and talked about how even 2-4 subtly altered frames can begin to change the effect of how something is communicated and presented by making it move.

I gave a class demo using the “Puppet Warp” feature in photoshop, as well as how to convert individual frames into a stack using the photoshop timeline. (we will revisit this in class this week)

Its time to animate our postcards, lets discuss the process of converting static images into moving and motion based digital art works. Here are a few puppet warp demos to get you excited!