Assignment #2 – Vector Portrait, Poster, Zine Design & Collaboration:

Vector Portrait, Poster & Zine Design. We will bring together the applications of a vector portrait, composition, image, typography, animation & ZINE layout. This is a multipart / fragmented project. (I know, super fun!)


Museum Exhibit Poster (examples will be shown in class – as well as a series of Illustrator vector demonstrations)

Choose one or more of these styles/movements of art to create a vector based poster using a SELF-Portrait:


Process: Research! Find and discover a series of images and references to work from. Your research should inspire you! Create a new project folder titled “Portrait Project” – save these images to your project folder. Create your self-portrait in the style of the Art Movement that you chose for a Museum Exhibition. It should be obvious which style you picked without seeing the title.

*Your self-portrait IS the artwork for the poster campaign that you create for the exhibit. You must design the poster in 2 sizes – one landscape and one portrait orientation. I suggest 11” x 17” (or slightly smaller)

Your self-portrait must first be drawn in Illustrator and can be brought into Photoshop later for manipulation, (like adding blended color, additional imagery or effects.) After you illustrate your self-portrait, you’ll create the actual poster for the ex­hibit.

Specifications: The museum having the exhibit you’ve chosen is: SAM, Seattle Art Museum. Find out more about the institution at this website

(Or another Museum of your choice if you wish)

For the project please use the SAM logo as it is: (attached as a download link here) *feel free to re-render the logo on your own if you wish. (This does not mean change it)

You may use any of the tools in Illustrator that we’ve learned or explored and also find and experiment with new ways to draw. You can work from a photo in Illustrator as demonstrated in class.

**Do the Portrait First. Then compose the poster. :))

Minimum required copy/text for the poster is:

Title: New Voices Exhibit (or another title of your choice)

Date: April 15th – May 30th 2020

Opening time and Date: Opening Reception, April 20th 7PM-9PM

A contextual link:

A Museum logo : *(the S.A.M logo)

Fonts and colors – are entirely student choice. Students may ADD additional copy, but may not delete from the minimum above.

Submissions & Due Dates: Rolling Deadline- Students will submit to me via e-mail ( the 2 final versions of the poster project as both a PDF file saved from Adobe Illustrator as well as a high resolution JPG. saved from Photoshop (I will give a demonstration on this)

**PART 2 – We will focus on creating a series of manipulated versions of the vector portrait using various desktop and mobile applications (the info for this is all here) . The purpose is to further the artwork and create various textures and filters by cross-synthesizing techiniques. The new discoveries may be applied as animated versions (not manditory) of the portrait and then preparing the portraits for a class collaborative ZINE that will be donated to the NYPL’s public ZINE collection – (when the library re-opens of course) be sure to add your completed work to our class google drive folder located here- –

Assignment #1 – PostCard Design / Hack, Redesign & Animate


This is also a multipart project, we will be converting the static to animation – We will be designing a new series of standard sized Postcards to promote and communicate one of the following messages below (students must choose one)

1– A cause or message that you are passionate about –


2 – An up and coming event that you would like to promote

Assignment Specifications:

Size: The final designs will be 4″ X 6″ in size. (Students should decide on the arrangement of the height and width, will your postcards be a horizontal or vertical image? You will be designing both the front and back side of the post card with the full intention of mailing it so space must be allotted for the address and postal stamp. We Hack, Recompose & Remix –> process ->


R&D – Where will you find visual inspiration and research? Flickr? NYPL Digital Archives?

1 – Thumbnail sketches – Students will generate a series of 2-3 thumbnails sketches using a pencil / pen and their sketchbooks to brain storm and illustrate their process.

2 – Roughs – Students will select from the 2-3 strongest thumbnail sketches and develop them into 1 rough scaled to the 4″X6″ size in pencil or “other medium”.

3 – Not mandatory but students will be encouraged to produce a final comprehensive pencil rendering scaled to size ready for scanning and application using photoshop. Students will experiment with various image manipulating techniques and styles to develop contrasts and visual interest.


Students will prepare their final work for both print out put in (CMYK) as well as presentation and application on the web (RGB).

What images will you be referencing and using? Where did you find them? Are they free to use, if so, how do you know? Please bring all of your resources and research to class. Thumbnail studies and a rough lay out.

Examples – Check out this blog post

Part 2 – Static to Animation – Students will cut and break up their postcards into several graphic assets and apply animation techniques learned in class. Animated postcards will be explored as methods of communication, advertising and marketing.

Project / Assignment Due Dates:

The static postcards will be worked on in class on 1/24, 1/31 & part of 2/7’s class – we will have our class critique on this day as well. The final version of the Postcard(s) is due on Friday 2/7 via e-mail to as a high resolution.JPG file or added to your Google Drive folder in our shared class folder located here –