Important – Friday’s Class will be on Zoom – Video Chat Class Info

Hi Everyone, (Please read this entire message)

By now you are well aware that our classes moving forward may be fully remote and on Zoom for a while. We will use both the Zoom video platform, as well as this website to conduct our class. This Friday we will have our first zoom video class. The needed info is below:

Time: Friday March 13, 2020 08:00 AM

Download the App for your phone and or your laptop / desktop computers – You can join in from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: (having a good wifi connection is advisable if possible)

Please click this URL to start or join the class at 8am on Friday 3/13 –>

Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 701 521 793

***** Please remember, we are in class during this video meeting time. I am Deaf and I really need your help to make this work effectively. For class time, please set yourself up in a quite space to be a part of our class. If you have music on or other background noise – I will not be able to hear you or the other students at all. Please be considerate and compassionate. If you need to make external noises you can mute your microphone so that we don’t hear it.

We will discuss and work out any other bugs and or questions that you have about our class moving forward, this is a new experience for all of us, we can get through this together. See you Friday here  –

Please contact me if you have any questions or

Assignment #2 – The Potentials of the Self-Portrait ZINE

Poster & Zine Design. We will bring together the applications of a vector portrait, composition, image, typography, animation & ZINE layout.


Museum Exhibit Poster (examples will be shown in class – as well as a series of Illustrator vector demonstrations)

Choose one or more of these styles/movements of art to create a vector based poster using a SELF-Portrait:


Process: Research! Find and discover a series of images and references to work from. Your research should inspire you! Create a new project folder titled “Portrait Project” – save these images to your project folder. Create your self-portrait in the style of the Art Movement that you chose for a Museum Exhibition. It should be obvious which style you picked without seeing the title.

*Your self-portrait IS the artwork for the poster campaign that you create for the exhibit. You must design the poster in 2 sizes – one landscape and one portrait orientation. I suggest 11” x 17” (or slightly smaller)

Your self-portrait must first be drawn in Illustrator and can be brought into Photoshop later for manipulation, (like adding blended color, additional imagery or effects.) After you illustrate your self-portrait, you’ll create the actual poster for the ex­hibit.

Specifications: The museum having the exhibit you’ve chosen is: SAM, Seattle Art Museum. Find out more about the institution at this website

(Or another Museum of your choice if you wish)

For the project please use the SAM logo as it is: (attached as a download link here) *feel free to re-render the logo on your own if you wish. (This does not mean change it)

You may use any of the tools in Illustrator that we’ve learned or explored and also find and experiment with new ways to draw. You can work from a photo in Illustrator as demonstrated in class.

**Do the Portrait First. Then compose the poster. :))

Minimum required copy/text for the poster is:

Title: New Voices Exhibit (or another title of your choice)

Date: April 15th – May 30th 2020

Opening time and Date: Opening Reception, April 20th 7PM-9PM

A contextual link:

A Museum logo : *(the S.A.M logo)

Fonts and colors – are entirely student choice. Students may ADD additional copy, but may not delete from the minimum above.

Submissions & Due Dates: TBA – Students will submit to me via our class google drive folder – (set up a folder for yourself)

the 2 final versions of the poster project as both a PDF file saved from Adobe Illustrator as well as a high resolution JPG. saved from Photoshop (I will give a demonstration on this)

PART 2 – We will discuss this next week – We will later focus on creating an animated version of the portrait and preparing the portraits for a class collaborative ZINE that will be donated to the NYPL’s public ZINE collection – 


Research / Inspiration / Tutorial – Check out these links below:


Art Movement Resources:


Week #4 – Recap & Info

In our last class session before the EPIC Giphy HQ visit we discussed our final postcards / project #1 submissions! (did you submit yours by e-mail?) We talked about the revision process, effective communication and who is on the receiving end of your design work. The class executed great work on this project as whole!

In context to our trip to Giphy, we discussed the process of making something “static” move. We introduced the animation process of making .gifs and talked about how even 2-4 subtly altered frames can begin to change the effect of how something is communicated and presented by making it move.

I gave a class demo using the “Puppet Warp” feature in photoshop, as well as how to convert individual frames into a stack using the photoshop timeline. (we will revisit this in class this week)

Its time to animate our postcards, lets discuss the process of converting static images into moving and motion based digital art works. Here are a few puppet warp demos to get you excited! HQ Visit & Reflection

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This past Friday 2/21/20 we had a great opportunity to visit the HQ in NYC. Giphy as we know is the Internets first search engine for animated GIFS (and much more now!) The company has built a huge brand and culture around, well, GIFS! We learned about the many, many exciting parts of the company and received a great presentation and tour. The Artist repository is HUGE! Do you have some favorites? If so, share the link in the comments section and tell us why!

This coming week we will be working on the process of turning something static into animations. (Our Postcard project) We will use the animated GIF format and output our work both here in this post (Ill build us a gallery as the works flow in) as well as to the individual Giphy accounts everyone has created. E-mail to me some of your picts taken at Giphy!

*Assignment – In the comments section directly below, please leave your impressions, thoughts, feelings and questions about our visit to Giphy! (PS – I have to manually approve all comments so they may not show up instantly, no need to post twice :))


Class Visit to Headquarters in NYC on Friday 2/21

Dear Class,

Please mark your calendars! We will be visiting the Headquarters in NYC on Friday 2/21! (next Friday!)

We will be meeting in front of the building at 10:15 am

Giphy is located at 416 West 13th Street – suite #207, New York, NY 10014. 

Please be on time. I will be arriving early and waiting in front of the building to meet everyone.

More info coming soon! We will be creating a class collaboration project that revolves around both and the animated GIF file format.

(this is a screen shot of the building entrance below)



Week #2 Re-Cap

Welcome back!

Week #2 was a great productive class! We dug into our first project and had solid class time working on project #1 (you can see the specs for the project here

First, we placed an emphasis on finding images, where do we look? What are are our resources for free images, attribution and creative commons? We learned about FLICKR, the NYPL Digital Collections and the Met Museums Open Access repository. Once we found images we dug into the practice of cutting out and extracting specific “elements and objects” from those images that we discovered through our research. We learned how to create graphic assets and save them for both use in photoshop (.psd files) as well as exporting them for the web as transparent .PNG files (remember the cool Instagram stories demonstration via my iPhone? The PNG files come in handy for that.)

Here are two pen tool tutorials to help you practice this week:

After cutting out a series of graphics assets we talked about the layout of our art-boards and picture plane structure in photoshop. I suggested laying out both the front and the back side of the postcard in one art board to work with the card in unison together. We also talked about variations and iterations by tweaking subtle things like background colors and playing with the composition and scale. Here is a visual from the layout demonstration. Using rules and guides makes it very easy to control your layout.

What about adding realistic shadows to a graphic asset with Photoshop? – Here is a great Tutorial also has a ton of great tutorials and many of their evangelists have youtube channels for their live streams. Check out one of my favorite’s, Terry White here.

This coming Friday we will dedicate the first half of our class adding text and type to the works in progress and also preparing our postcard for our class critique, we will then discuss our outcomes as a class.

Week #1 – Welcome to ARTC-251!

Welcome to ARTC-251! Spring Semester 2020

Week #1 – Class Introductions!

Dear Class, It was great meeting you all this past Friday! Thank you for sharing so much about yourselves. Im excited for our semester and wanted to re-cap a few things as we go forward.

This is our official class website! It will grow as the semester goes on, and it will remain a resource and repository of value and inspiration for years to come! We will ALL be contributing to the website.

Be sure to check out how our website navigates from the menu above, the class Resources page has a great amount of useful information and inspiration that will fuel your projects with references and resources –>

The Course Syllabus page is here –>

The Assignments / Projects page is here –>

If you have any questions please reach out via e-mail –