Zine & After Effects Video Tutorial from Class on 5/1/20

Dear Class – Thank you for your patience as I produced this video from our class this morning on 5/1.

Here is an Adobe Illustrator ZINE Layout & Simple After Effects Demo. In my basic computer graphics and digital art courses we have been generating variations of our vector portraits and converting them into graphic assets to apply in various other applications. Here is basic after effects demo of importing video and adding an asset (one of the portrait assets from our project) to create a little motion graphic.

Aside from completing the Self-Portrait poster project (1 horizontal version and 1 vertical version) we have spent time experimenting with the manipulating of the vector portrait through various platforms shared in class both web based and mobile – see this link to recap the applications.

We started a Class collaboration project that asks for us all to submit 2-3 variations of the Vector Portrait. 1 being the original portrait and the others as various manipulations. It is important to scale those variations at the size of 8.5 X 11 inches (300 resolution is good too) so that they will fit easily into our ZINE layout. The folder for these pieces is located here – simply add yours -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19SpYUv5QbumtT6poxHQ_cdKgzUB5oIqE

See you in Zoom on Friday!

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