Weeks #13, 14 & 15

Weeks #13, 14  & 15

Please mark your calendars as our semester is coming to end soon!

Friday May 6th – Last day of our Class

Friday May 13th – follows the make-up week calendar – it is not mandatory to be here – but if you want or need help or to use the lab, I will be here in person by 9:00am on this day.

Friday 5/20 – Final presentations (see info below) from 8:15am – 10:15am – (this is mandatory)

Final Portfolio / Final Presentation Date & Information

NYIT schedules our final exam / final presentation date and time. It is scheduled for Friday 5/20 from 8:15am – 10:15am

It is mandatory that we follow this schedule. On the final exam date each student will present a final portfolio of all of the work that they have completed in our class this semester. You may create a traditional presentation of simply make a clean PDF of all the works. The file presentation file will also be added to your folder in Google Drive.

***All completed student work must be submitted to their google drive folders by 6pm on 5/20


The last and final assignment is below:

Assignment #4 – FINAL PROJECT

Specifications: “Open Project ” – What would you love to work on? Create, or have the time to explore?

Process: Students will generate a brief written proposal stating the concept / idea of the project. The proposal will state how the project will expand and further develop your computer graphics practice. The proposal will also state how many pieces (1? or 2?) will be completed, the medium and process it will take to complete the works  ( 1 paragraph is fine)

Materials: Open to all / any medium / software but the final piece (s) must be digitized in high resolution if produced by hand. (analog style)

Completed Outcome File Size: The size of the completed artwork is open but should be included in the concept proposal. I suggest keeping things in the highest resolution.

Submission of work in Process – Students will present their work in sketch / concept / progress / completed format / in our class. Please take a series of well lit, clean and clear images to present using the screen share option in zoom – please don’t hover over your work and cast shadows of yourself onto the images


***All completed student work must be submitted to their google drive folders by 6pm on 5/20

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