Weeks 10, 11 & 12 Info & Resources

Weeks #10, 11 & 12

Welcome Back!

Lets jump into some student lab / work time as we begin and then segway into our weekly updates and progress, We will be seeing more of the the remaining student presentations of assignment #2 (Portrait Posters) and a ZINE layout of the portraits extracted from you posters. Ryan will share the process again.

Ill share a few examples from previous classes. On 4/8 Lets learn how to make a ZINE using Adobe Illustrator (if you don’t have illustrator this demo will share the process and how it can be replicated in other applications)

(Above – example of a ZINE of portraits from the previous section of this class – spring 2020)

Please check the post for week’s 7,8&9 for the process on how to prepare your zine portrait image

Lets discuss the new assignment and jump into a tutorial – (I will add this info to the assignment page shortly as well)

Assignment # 3 – Advertising Hack / Remix & Promotion

Students will complete this assignment using a full color palette of their choice (at least 4 colors at minimum)

Specifications: Students will first gather research imagery to work with and bring it to class next week. We will be creating a new series of 2-3 digital art works / digital illustrations that hacks and remixes existing advertising content. (What era of advertising do you resonate with?) The remixed designs should communicate and promote a product or a service. The product or service should be something that currently exists or has at one time existed in the “real world” as we know it. Your remixes can be “hybrids” by combining 2 or more products together, or you may choose to remix the way that the imagery is displayed. Either way it should be a very noticeable series of iterations. Aside from producing individual designs as imagery / files we will apply our work using product mock-ups as well. We will discuss context during our class sessions.

Examples to Explore: 

Google Search results for –  “1980s Advertising Posters”

Google Search results for“Food Ads 1990s”

Free product mock ups in PSD formathttps://graphicburger.com/mock-ups/

Software: students can work with familiar design software (not limited to adobe) that can produce the final digital art works.

Size: The size of the completed digital artworks are open. Students can decide but I suggest considering that you work consistently in scale and relationship to your regular workflow.

Submission or work in Process – Students will present their work in “sketch / concept progress” in our next class.


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