Week #4 Info & Resources

Week #4 – Info & Resources

Welcome back!

Forward motion on assignment #1 – Looking at Parts 2 and Jumping into an in class animation workshop using photoshop! Most students have completed part 1 of the first assignment, we will take a quick look at the progress on part 2 and begin to work on part 3 (of assignment #1) – Remember  – part 2 asks us to remix and hack something that is already in existence. Did you find some vintage images that you want to work with? Are they vintage postcards or other various pieces of media? Last week in class we talked about cutting out and extracting graphic assets so that we could easily compose with them and also begin to animate them a little bit.

Assignment #1 part 3 class tutorial by Prof. Seslow quick recap on on cutting out images, working with assets, then moving on to working with the animation timeline and creating looping animated GIFs with our work.

*The recording will be placed up onto our canvas page shortly after our zoom session ends on 2/19

Design Inspiration: (Discover Awesomeness)

GIPHY.com – Surely by now everyone knows about Giphy right? Did you know about their repository of Artists that they represent? Check it out this week!

More Tutorials / How -To Resources:

I gave a class demo using the “Puppet Warp” feature in photoshop today, as well as how to convert individual frames into a stack using the photoshop timeline. (we will revisit this in class this week)

Its time to animate our postcards, lets discuss the process of converting static images into moving and motion based digital art works. Here are a few puppet warp demos to get you excited!


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