Week #2 – Info & Resources

Welcome back!

Week #2 will be a productive class! We will dig into our first project’s progress and have solid class time working on project #1 (you can see the specs for the project here

First, we are placing an emphasis on creating sketches / ideas which means finding images, where do we look? What are our resources for free images, with out attribution and or creative commons? We learned about FLICKR, the NYPL Digital Collections and the Met Museums Open Access repository. Once we found images we dug into the practice of cutting out and extracting specific “elements and objects” from those images that we discovered through our research. We learned how to create graphic assets and save them for both use in photoshop (.psd files) as well as exporting them for the web as transparent .PNG files.

Here are two pen tool tutorials to help you practice this week:

After cutting out a series of graphics assets, and you will need several – lets talk about the layout of our art-boards and picture plane structure in photoshop. I suggest laying out both the front and the back side of the postcard in one art board to work with the card in unison together. We can talk about variations and iterations by tweaking subtle things like background colors and playing with the composition and scale. Here is a visual from the layout demonstration. Using rules and guides makes it very easy to control your layout.

What about adding realistic shadows to a graphic asset with Photoshop? – Here is a great Tutorialhttps://memorynotfound.com/add-a-shadow-to-an-object-person-photoshop/

Adobe.com also has a ton of great tutorials and many of their evangelists have youtube channels for their live streams. Check out one of my favorite’s, Terry White here.

This coming Friday (next week) we will dedicate the first half of our class for our class critique of assingment #1 part 1 and then move onto to some animation tutorials, we will then discuss our outcomes as a class.

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