The Semester Ends – One Final Statement – Please Read :)

Hi All!
Just a reminder for anyone who wants to have one final round of class connection – This is not by any means mandatory

Tomorrow is Friday May 22, 2020 @10:00 AM – I will be in Zoom if anyone has anything new or anything they wish to share in our zoom room. Here is the NEW zoom link (with captions)

Meeting ID: 213 923 5824
Password: wolsesnayr

Other than this above, please double check and make sure that you have everything in place in your personal folder, and in the specific collaboration folders on our google drive –

I want to work on the collaboration ZINE over the weekend. (If you need more time to work on stuff, just e-mail and let me know where you are at.)

I will write a reflection blog post about our class and the experience as a whole, and also launch our collab ZINE exhibition here on our website – I will publish that info here on this website and remind you via blackboard e-mail when it launhces,

Be Well,

I’ll be in touch Soon!


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