HQ Visit & Reflection

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This past Friday 2/21/20 we had a great opportunity to visit the HQ in NYC. Giphy as we know is the Internets first search engine for animated GIFS (and much more now!) The company has built a huge brand and culture around, well, GIFS! We learned about the many, many exciting parts of the company and received a great presentation and tour. The Artist repository is HUGE! Do you have some favorites? If so, share the link in the comments section and tell us why!

This coming week we will be working on the process of turning something static into animations. (Our Postcard project) We will use the animated GIF format and output our work both here in this post (Ill build us a gallery as the works flow in) as well as to the individual Giphy accounts everyone has created. E-mail to me some of your picts taken at Giphy!

*Assignment – In the comments section directly below, please leave your impressions, thoughts, feelings and questions about our visit to Giphy! (PS – I have to manually approve all comments so they may not show up instantly, no need to post twice :))


10 Replies to “ HQ Visit & Reflection”

  1. The visit to Giphy Headquarters was a great experience. It was interesting to see the work culture and the overall environment. I enjoyed getting to see the different prototypes of products that were never released to the public and seeing the framed Gifs was a cool experience.

    I also liked the presentation and how they went through the various resources on and showed us how to use the Giphy screen record feature.

    Overall, I liked the trip and enjoyed being able to step outside the classroom setting and getting to see what goes on inside a design company like Giphy.

  2. I really enjoyed my visit to the Giphy Headquarters last week. I was able to see the behind the scenes of how gifs were created. There are so many different people and components that go into creating one of the worlds most used engines. The office was exactly how I had expected it to be. It was very open and bright. There were so many different parts to it that all made the experience worth while, including the gaming section, the rainbow unicorns and the pink hummer. I really appreciated how everyone was allowed to express themselves however they sought fit. I also really liked the presentation and the different resources Giphy uses to create their content. All in all, I enjoyed my visit and hope to continue to expand my knowledge of related software in the future.

  3. I really enjoyed visiting Giphy Headquarters last week and was amazed by what goes on behind the scenes on how GIFS are exported to the world. My expectations of the visit were how I previously imagined it, bright colors everywhere filled with people from different cultural backgrounds. What shocked me the most was how comfortable the workflow of the place was with them having their own eating/resting lounge as well as them having their own arcade. The whole atmosphere of the place really sparks enthusiasm into creating animated GIFS.

  4. The trip to giphy was pretty cool. Their office is that dream office that would be so fun to work in. The presentation they had prepared was interesting and fun. I liked that they weren’t super formal with it either. Just that chill vibe but still got the information across. Actually getting to see how they operate and how everything is managed let’s you appreciate it that much more. For me knowing that someone actually edited this gif or made this sticker is so cool man. It was a nice visit that fit super well for our class. That whole trip just made me so happy. OH! Their old school retro video game with their staff on it is actually amazing and I love it. 🙂

  5. I wasn’t really interested in giphy before I went to their headquarters but I’m interested in how they expand their company in different ways in the future. I also thought the work environment was great because I’ve never been in a work place that looked fun.

    1. Before the trip, I had known nothing about Giphy. However at the end of it I felt thoroughly satisfied and informed about how the Giphy website and workplace are. I am disappointed they dont offer internships because the workplace was so positive and enjoyable. I look forward to the day when I can start animating my own gifts on their site.

  6. It was a fun experience to see what a real creative workspace looks like. While the entire concept was interesting, the trip itself seemed disengaging as our guides mainly spoke nonstop throughout the entire presentation without taking a large consideration of our presence.

  7. Visiting the Giphy headquarters was more fun than I originally taught. This was all because of the presentation they showed us as well as just the ambiance of walking around an area Ive never been and just seeing how something ran around there felt amazing. I also enjoyed how relaxed the people who guided us were which made the experience more enjoyable then something that was pressured on me. Just everything was so vibrant and mesmerizing making me want to stay a couple of minutes more eventhough we were leaving.

  8. I found the experience very enjoyable more then i taught before i came there. Also the ambiance that surounded that the Giphy headquarters was so relaxing and enjoyable more so when we were all walking around the place for a couple of minuets. I also enjoyed the people that were showing us around and their realxed feel since it made more the tour fun instead of something that was preasured on us.

  9. The trip to Giphy was fun. The workspace was very welcoming and they even let their employees bring their dogs which is so cool. I didn’t expect Giphy to have the set up that they do, but it’s beautiful and it’s nice to see a company putting the needs of their workers and allowing them the freedom to express themselves while working. This is also an eye opener to the types of jobs out there which is amazing and I can’t wait to see more of what they do.

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